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Alfredo Exclusives
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S H A M P O O  with...


Helps increase strength and elasticity.  Gives texture to the hair while adding body and shine.  Has a thickening foam enhancer.  Lower pH to flatten cuticle and increase shine.  Helps to minimize breakage.


Designed to be used with most hair types, Shampoo Plus has been carefully adjusted to be compatible with the normal pH range of hair and scalp -  between pH 5.0 and pH 5.5.  It is this LOW pH, along with the benefits of a special protein formulation and built-in conditioner, that will help to leave your hair extremely manageable while increasing shine and luster.


A shampoo with added agents to reduce flakes, bacteria and oil on the scalp and hair.  Formula will not damage hair and can be used daily.

C O N D I T I O N   with....


Makes hair more manageable while eliminating dryness and brittleness.  It helps restore the moisture balance and increases the shine and luster of your hair.

S T Y L E  with...


Non-aerosol mousse.  Liquid transforms into foam.  Unequaled holding power designed to create height, body and fullness.  Exceptional economy with 180 to 200 applications per bottle.  Conditions, protects and moisturizes hair with a built-in sunscreen.   Alcohol free.

F I N I S H  with...


Developed as a dry, workable spray that provides medium hold and tremendous shine.  Designed to provide both styling and finishing benefits.  Product never flakes and leaves hair brushable for restyling.  Peptides and natural plant proteins condition with each application.  Daily use helps prevent damage caused by environmental stress.  Natural extracts moisturize, control static and resist humidity.  Color remains vibrant, and hair appears young and healthy.


This firm holding hairspray quickly dries to a crystal-clear finish, allowing no color change, build-up or flaking.  Hair radiates extra shine and color depth.  Helps firm holding styles to resist humidity and retain liveliness without relaxing.  Hair stays flexible - never stiff or sticky.  Not only can this spray be used as a finishing spray, but also as a firm holding styling spray when applied to damp hair.  Easy comb through even after the spray has dried making styling and restyling easy. This water-soluble spray also shampoos out of the hair easily. 


Designed for Your Hair Type




People with fine hair are concerned with making their hair appear thicker and fuller. Alfredo products are composed of special body building formulas that make hair appear thicker, fuller, shinier and more manageable.

- Body Texturizing Shampoo: Body building shampoo is designed especially to give fullness and control for fine, wispy or thinning hair. Leaves hair fluffy and bulky giving the impression of greater hair volume. Increases shine results.

- Texture Cream Conditioner: Extra body conditioner for fine hair is designed to give conditioning effects without softening hair. Acts as a buffer protecting hair from damaging heat from blow dryers, hot irons or chemical reactions. Increases hair texture. Controls static electricity. Increases shine and luster. Reduces the odors from chemical processes and reduces split-end damage.

- Styling Gel: A wonderful natural aromatherapy of Rosemary, Clove and Peppermint. Helps to create beautiful body and softness.

- Shaper Finishing Hair Spray: This amazing hair spray contains environmentally friendly ingredients. Ingredients like Rosemary and Sage Extracts promote healthy hair and Ginseng Extract adds lasting support. This dry, workable spray won’t flake as it sprays a medium hold and a lot of shine.

ALFREDO EXCLUSIVES - Normal Hair Package

Although people with medium hair texture are not as concerned about fullness as are those with fine hair, they still want volume and manageability without sacrificing clean and healthy hair.

- Shampoo Plus: Specially designed for the “NORMAL” pH range of hair and scalp – that is, hair not damaged by chemicals or heat. Leaves hair extremely manageable making home maintenance easier. Reduces tangles and snarls. Increases shine and luster.

- Moisture Cream Conditioner: Leaves hair smooth, supple and tangle-free. Unlike other crème conditioners, does not leave hair excessively softened. Minimizes static electricity giving more body and manageability. Increases shine and luster. Has a positive effect on dry scalp.

- Styling Foam: Unequalled holding power – designed to create height, body and fullness needed for today’s styles. Gives 3 to 5 times more hold than other non-aerosol mousses. Contains no alcohol. Conditions, protects and moisturizes. Contains a sunscreen. Increases hair’s brilliance, luster and highlights.

- Finishing Spray: Quickly dries to a crystal clear finish, allowing no color change, build-up or flaking. Hair radiates extra shine and color. Firm holding to help styles resist humidity and retain liveliness without relaxing. Hair stays flexible – never stiff or sticky. This water soluble spray shampoos out of hair easily.

ALFREDO EXCLUSIVES – Coarse Hair Package -

This package of products will give coarse hair a softer, silkier touch. Hair will be smoother, more manageable and shinier.

- Moisturizing Shampoo: Designed for dry, coarse hair that may have been damaged through chemical services, blow drying, swimming, sun, or hot irons. Helps to restore the moisture balance.  Leaves hair with a softer, smoother, conditioned feel. Increases shine by its unique pH formula and the effects of the mink oil ingredient. Increases manageability making home maintenance easier.

- Hair Replenish: Deep conditioner helps to correct extremely damaged hair. Provitamin B, Vitamin E and Vitamin C with other ingredients gives hair a satiny finish. Apply to damp hair or apply to finished styles to add shine and luster.

- Styling Foam: Unequalled holding power – designed to create height, body and fullness needed for today’s styles. Gives 3 to 5 times more hold than other non-aerosol mousses. Contains no alcohol. Conditions, protects and moisturizes. Contains a sunscreen. Increases hair’s brilliance, luster and highlights.


- Swimmers Shampoo: Designed to solve four unique problems. 1) surface coatings - effectively removes coatings left by some medications; 2) mineral deposits - purifies by removing mineral deposits on the hair resulting from hard water containing copper and iron; 3) chlorine damage – protects against chlorine damage, removes green tints which frequently develop in blonde hair; 4) hair color instability – AFTER color services – stops developing process and holds correct color. Also, improves texture, adds sheen, and increases luster in aged, weathered hair.

Protein Reconditioner: For damaged hair - helps to increase structural strength and restore natural body. Hair will be left in a more manageable condition.

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